Nowadays, more and more political, economic and religious leaders are on the prince of the Matrix’s payroll. Our local/global society is increasingly taking on a pyramidal shape in which few rule over many. Even the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun would be impressed by the social matrixian pyramid of my time, a pyramid where the steps are not built with cement and lime, but literally with the bodies of the verry citizens who should have benefited from the construction.

The power of this contemporary tower of Babel rests on its tip: an obscure elite brotherhood unknown to the masses, which in turn has sold itself to the commander in charge of the Matrix. Every layer underneath is controlled by the all-seeing eye: the tip of this pyramid.

In order for me to climb this human/social pyramid I must sell my soul to the point of being able to trample over my neighbour using him as a step for my ascent and social success. What a diabolical system!

But the eye that loves to define itself as all-seeing, will soon be blinded… blinded with rage, because all its efforts will prove vain (see Revelation 18:2). And the impressive but lying matrixian pyramid will collapse and fall into ruin, burying under itself the bodies of all its citizens: the ones who sold their souls to the prince of the Matrix.

Am I selling myself to the prince of the Matrix? My clothes can lie, so can my resumé. Even church membership can hide a sold soul under its religious cloak. But on the contrary, my character never lies. Do I tend to PROUDLY outdo my neighbour, trampling him mercilessly with my EGO, or HUMBLY treat him with affection, patience and fairness?