Reading the Bible and the Gospels every day on the life and message of Jesus, I cannot always grasp the degree to which His mission was, in those days, profoundly reforming and revolutionary. Today it all seems so obvious or common to me, precisely because Jesus’ revolutionary DNA has been attacked and infected by a religious cancer so subtle that it is invisible even to the eyes of God’s people nowadays.

1. I was taught that the followers of Jesus are made up of people who follow certain ecclesial duties, rituals, traditions, and/or doctrinal points. Jesus tells me that His people are where two or three of His fans sincerely meet in His name! (Matthew 18:20);

2. I was told that the temple of Jesus is the physical place where His so-called fans meet. Jesus tells me that His temple is me in person! (1 Corinthians 3:16);

3. I was taught that the priests of Jesus are those who undertake an ecclesiastical career. Jesus tells me that the real priests are all His fans who have come out of the Matrix darkness to His marvelous light (1 Peter 2:9).

This change of mind, which will heal me from religious cancer, will soon result in a short circuit in the cold present condition of the religious conservatives, making the ground crumble beneath their feet. But it is the only cure from this deadly disease in my soul.

Have I also let myself be infected with this religious cancer by cutting myself off from the priestly call given to me by my Creator and Savior?