A “State Religion” is one that is imposed by a state on all its citizens. Enforcing state religion was very common in ancient times … but it will soon come back in style.

In the Matrix a type of “modern catechism” has already been put in place by an evil elite, to invisibly but powerfully spread a new religion. Even the Matrixian music and film industry uses a language made of metaphors and symbols to transmit this new religion. The aim is to hypnotically spread these concepts, making them familiar to the masses, using subliminal messages which are unintentionally accepted by many. They are thus ignorant and obliviously “initiated” to believe the mystical Matrix.

The creed used by this “spiritual dictatorship” is to destroy the fans of Jesus and spread the religion of the Matrix, the true total and global “state religion”.

It is an operation of religious engineering, a conscious, systematic and skillful creation of a new religion, whose purpose is to prepare the way for the prince of the Matrix.

Yes, I understand: when it’s all said and done, the Matrixian religious engineering is the worship of Satan, the former Lucifer, sadly known as the “prince of the Matrix”. He will introduce himself to the world as the long-awaited Messianic bearer of light. But this “new era” of false lighting will be short-lived … in fact, extremely short lived! (See Revelation 17: 12-14)