The word Outsourcing literally means “acquired or obtained externally” and is practiced in economic circles and adopted by firms when using other companies to do some of their work.

Even in religious circles outsourcing is in fashion. I am a fan and follower of Jesus, a priest charged by the Creator God to bring His message of love, hope and freedom to the whole world; I delegate my responsibilities to other priests but these are MY assignments, meant to be personal and non-transferrable! Against God’s will I resort to other people, “shepherds of the flock,” so that the task entrusted to me from above is carried out by “professional priests.” I gladly put on the Matrixian label of “layman”, a label that allows me to sacrifice all my time on the altar of my EGO. And the most embarrassing thing is that I am not even ashamed of this “religious outsourcing.” By now I got so drunk with religious Matrixian theories that it all seems normal and legitimate.

But God has tolerated this immorality long enough and the time has come to put a stop to this. Gone are the days of “lazy laymen”. Only the workers in “God’s business” (also called vineyard in biblical parables), honest men and women who use their talents for divine purposes, will receive the robe of immortality promised by the Creator, He is the only one who is immortal (see 1 Timothy 6:16).