Two thousand years ago the people of God did not study the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament with the desire to align themselves with the humble and strong character of God, but dwelt only on those prophecies that, interpreted in their own way, could exalt their national pride and show how God despised all others.

In the same way, today’s Christians who externally seem big fans of Jesus, but inwardly (cultivating the spirit of selfishness) are ravenous wolves, interpret the prophecies of my polestar in order to enhance their religious and denominational pride. They claim that the Messiah will come, as King, to humiliate all those who are not part of their religious group.

The prince of the Matrix, using these false interpretations of the Bible, always manages to cover his thirst for power and that of his followers. But to a true fan of Jesus the demonic spirit of self-exaltation is very clear, profoundly different from the One who is humble and meek: Jesus.