Nowadays more and more people are wondering if and when the end of the world will come. And the pole star of every fan of Jesus does not offer an exact date, on the contrary, it encourages us to be wary of prophecies that focus on an exact date. But what the Bible shows me is that just before this event (which will be a catastrophe for the Matrix fans but a rescue for the fans of Jesus), God will send a final message.

This message invites me to have the style of Christ… a style that comes from within through the transformation of my character, and that only later will show outwardly, through my lifestyle. It is a message that conveys a vision of moral likeness to the Creator… ultimately, it is a heartfelt appeal to be like Jesus.

This message does not recognize the human Matrixian barriers of religions, nations, races, language or sex. Furthermore, this message cannot be stopped because it does not speak from church pulpits, nor from television studios or even from the street corners, places where you always need permission from a ruling class. No, this message is unstoppable because the idea spreads from one heart to another and is not subject to any censorship.

An idea can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time, it can change position without moving, communicate without speaking, exist without substance, knows no barriers and is immortal.

Yes, just before the return of His Son, Jesus, God will brighten the whole earth with an idea, a vision, a hope… ultimately, a message:

Come out of the wickedness of the Matrix and be like Jesus (Revelation 18:1-8). It is a message of deliverance by which God will illuminate the whole world, disinfecting and immunizing His fans from the Matrixian virus. This vision, rooted in the depths of human awareness, will represent a hope/an assurance of liberation from the bondage of the Matrix. Only such a vision will be able to stir the waters, awaken the virgins, heat up Laodicea, mobilize the forces, hope and strength of the fans of Jesus.

To be like Jesus is a vision that will, in the dark streets of the Matrix, light up the hearts of all sincere fans of Jesus, spreading to the four corners of the Earth in the blink of an eye, inviting these fans to come out of their mental, material and spiritual prison, the Matrix.

Whispering this thought into man’s ears, God will masterfully defeat the Matrix in the blink of an eye and with few resources and men (Revelation 18:10+16+19). And the Matrix will go crazy because, not identifying the enemy, it will not be able to aim at the hated target.

The Matrix will be defeated by a vision that the Creator has put into the soul of His creature: eternal life in a world full of love and justice! (Ecclesiastes 3:11 and Hosea 2:19).

Jesus is about to return.