It’s true, God loves order and organization. In heaven the hosts of angels are organized … every angel has a special role and importance. God is not a fan of confusion and disorganization. On the other hand, Matrix, which in the Bible is called Babylon, notoriously symbolizes confusion. But this does not mean that God appreciates any kind of organization.

It’s also true that we don’t all have the same gifts, not even the same number of gifts (see the parable of the talents). But this is not to say that just because some fans of Jesus have more gifts, they have the right to feel more important than his brothers or sisters.

But the pyramid-shaped hierarchy of the Matrix is a poisonous and deadly virus for my soul. It exalts those who have more responsibility, placing them proudly at the top of the pyramid. But all this is in complete contrast to the teachings of Jesus, He said that whoever wants to be first must be last of all and servant of all. (See Mark 9:35)

When Jesus said these words, He had a very clear strategy in mind. But this approach is in complete contrast to the hierarchical pyramid of the Matrix. Jesus reduces the control of those with gifts and responsibilities, and makes them servants of the brethren. The Church of Jesus should have servants instead of managers and leaders! I can tell from the language being used by the preacher, what Spirit is aroused in him… Pharaoh’s Spirit of rebellion or the humble Spirit of Moses.

Humility instead of self exaltation. That is the true spirit that distinguishes the divine from the human. A system without a caste and where the most important is the one who serves the most. This is Jesus’ style! Everything else is the Matrix!

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