John the Baptist, the prophet who came with the Spirit of Elijah, was a great servant of the Creator God. He had peculiar noticeable characteristics:

– His food was humble and simple
– He spent much of his time in isolated places and surrounded in silence
– His clothes were common and natural.

John the Baptist had a unique mission, as a precursor preparing people for the first coming of Jesus, the agonizing and painful coming. With his inner character and his outward appearance, John had to prophetically mirror the Savior who, shortly after, would wear the crown of thorns.

The Omega Generation and fans of Jesus, have a mission that is just as unique: precursors and trainers of the second and final coming of Jesus, a coming in glory. With both their inner characters and their outward appearance, they are to prophetically mirror the Savior who will soon appear in the sky wearing a royal crown with gold and precious stones.

Yes, true fans of Jesus are able to anticipate heaven today, even in the painful darkness of the Matrix.
Yes, true fans of Jesus manage to smile even when life on earth brings only tears and blood.
Yes, true fans of Jesus bring hope where there is only bitterness and despair.

Am I part of this generation that is unique and special to the fans of Jesus? The answer can only come from my inner character and my outward demonstration in life.