The Egyptian pyramids are ancient architectural structures built during the Egyptian civilization. They are complex tombs built for their Egyptian kings.

Why is the Matrix still obsessed by the hierarchical pyramid where a small caste of so-called “enlightened and wise” dominate the vast majority of citizens, without even a hint of shame? Both politics and the economy are shaped in the image and likeness of the Egyptian pyramids. Unfortunately even the religious world does not escape this sad reality.

As in the times of the Egyptians, the pyramids served as tombs for the ruling caste, so even today in our Matrixian system, the pyramid represents the spiritual death of God’s people (the famous ten sleeping virgins). The promise of divine power, also called Pentecost, will remain a distant and elusive dream as long as so-called “Christians” are not of one mind, with equal dignity and equal responsibilities (each according to his own gift), just as the disciples of Jesus were in the upper room when they were filled/baptized with the Holy Spirit.

It is true that God loves order and organization. Heaven is so organized; each angel has his role and importance. God does not advocate confusion and disorganization. On the contrary, the Matrix, called Babylon in the Bible, is notorious as a symbol of confusion. But this does not mean that God appreciates any type of organization. It is also true that we do not all have the same gifts or even the same number of gifts (see the parable of the talents). But it does not mean that the fans of Jesus with more gifts have the right to feel more important, considering themselves above their brother or sister.

The Matrixian pyramid-shaped hierarchy is a virus carrier which is poisonous and deadly for our soul. In fact, it exalts those who have greater responsibilities, putting them proudly at the top of the pyramid. But all this is in total contrast to the teachings of Jesus, who said that whoever wants to be first must be last, and the servant of all (Mark 9:35). Jesus had something very specific in mind when He said those words and this is in complete contrast to the Matrixian pyramidal hierarchy. Jesus’ method lowers those with greater responsibilities and gifts and makes them servants to others. The Church of Jesus should be a servant rather than being managers and leaders! Even the language we use reveals the spirit by which we are moved: a rebellious spirit of Pharaoh, or the spirit of the meek and humble Moses?

The hierarchical pyramidal organization is based on the desire for self-exaltation that has always been cherished by human beings and was first manifested by the prince of the Matrix (aka Lucifer). Self-exaltation can only happen in open rebellion against the Creator. At the end of this wretched self-destructive process we always find a “human pharaoh” that considers himself “god on earth”. That’s why the pyramidal organization among the people of God represents the tomb of the church of Jesus.

That is why Jesus sends the last angel/messenger to light up the whole earth with authority: “Come out of the Matrix, o my people!” (Revelation 18:1,4). He calls for His church to become His moral image and likeness by abandoning the arrogant pyramid shamelessly reproduced by the Matrix, where the proudest is exalted, trampling on the humble and the weak.