Creating a new human nature and a new world must inevitably go through a series of operations beginning with the famous programmatic motto “solve et coagula” (latin for decompose and recompose), or through the forced removal of all social, political and especially religious obstacles that, by their very nature, prevent the realization of this new universal design.

If you want to destroy a people, you must first destroy their morals and values. It’s not a surprise that being christian style (ie. being like Jesus) is scorned and ridiculed in the Matrix. In this new world in which everything is allowed, Jesus fans are marginalized, attacked and misrepresented.

It is in fact impossible to establish a new global governance with a group of people who follow the North Star and Jesus’ sharp words reported in the Holy Bible encouraging moral likeness to the Creator God. A rise in the new world will only happen by deep-rooted darkness and by the created being breaking away from the heavenly Father and set “free” from His “seal”.

The ideal moral Christian Style is in fact direct opposite to the ideals of the Matrixian man and woman, stripped of their dignity and image that the Creator God established in them. It is not by accident that an individual without the North Star is confused and more easily influenced and swayed.

The few Jesus fans who are alert, feel that the time has come. It’s time for a new Matrixian religion with a nucleus of created beings, who will snatch the throne from their own heavenly Father … the Creator God. And the “old” will be completely forgotten as if it never existed. In a true sense it is a real form of spiritual Alzheimer.