According to the Hindu religion, an AVATAR is the embodiment of a physical form by God. The word means “descent” and in various traditions means the deliberate incarnation of the Lord himself in a physical body in order to perform certain tasks.

In the MATRIX more and more spiritualist and mystical movements are taking form in which all the religions and all the Christs are united. Among the Matrixist beliefs is one according to which Jesus is one of the many AVATARS come down to Earth.

Jesus is referred to as the only son of God several times in the Bible. The prince of the MATRIX, on the other hand, would have me believe that Jesus is one of many AVATARS, one of many physical incarnations of God on Earth, such as Buddha, Krishna and many others.

Why do more and more religions/philosophies/films/books fall into line with the Gospel according to the MATRIX rather than that of Jesus (the Bible)? A fan of Jesus must be capable of going against the tide when most people are following the Matrixist river of lies.