Glory to the Creator God in the highest places,

and peace on earth to men whom He pleases!

Today, from the deepest bowels of the Matrix,

a final, humble but powerful, savior was born to us.

Behold, he is placed as the fall and rise of many in the Matrix,

as a sign of contradiction,

so that the thoughts of all hearts may be revealed.

For, behold, the day has come,

burning like a furnace;

in which all the proud and all the evildoers become like stubble.

The day that has finally come sets them on fire,

and leaves them neither root nor branch.

But for you who fear the name of the Almighty

the sun of justice has risen,

healing is in his wings;

go out and leap, like calves let out of the stable.

Trample the demons,

so that they may be like ashes

under the soles of your feet,

in today’s day that the great Architect

has been designing since the beginning of time.

Father, now my eyes have seen Your salvation,

which you have prepared before all the heavenly and earthly peoples

to be light to illuminate all Your angelic and human children

and glory of Your universal progeny.

(see Luke 2:11-14, Malachi 4:1-3, Luke 2:29-35)