It is midnight in the Matrix and the ten virgins are sleeping peacefully, resting in the false security of being the following:

a) spiritually awake because they know the writings of the old prophets by heart,

b) spiritually rich because meticulously following all the biblical precepts and commandments.

Jesus was already aware of this danger two thousand years ago, and prepared a solution to this problem well in advance. In His great wisdom and infinite love for His creatures in the last days, He is personally selecting His fans to awaken the ten virgins, selecting the ones who haven’t bent their knees to the Matrix. It’s like there were an eleventh virgin, invisible to human eyes, not an official or homogeneous group. This virgin is awakened in advance with a precise and unique mission: to launch a cry in the dark and silent Matrixian midnight.

This virgin remains invisible in the parable of the ten virgins told by Jesus himself. Out of nowhere an undetermined outcry rises to alert the virgins of the long awaited arrival of the groom. But that outcry is made clear in the book of Revelation chapter 18 where a future cry/awakening message is prophesied. Yes, this angel/messenger of Revelation 18 is the eleventh virgin … a group invisible to the human eye, but strong and humble in the eyes of Jesus, because this group reflects the pure and holy character of the Creator God.