The arrival of this symbolic “eleventh virgin” was actually prophesied even before Jesus, by various prophets of the Old Testament, they wrote of her:

  • She is poor, having no economic power
  • She is humble, not believing herself better than the other virgins
  • She is a group of people not created by man, but invisibly and individually selected by God himself
  • .. she reflects the moral image of God

This virgin is different from all the others, because she doesn’t trust in human resources. Her cry will not cost a single penny, because it will be inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit who will use the Matrix itself, using its powerful communication weapon to spread the ultimatum to planet earth. Yes, I heard it right: it will be the Matrix itself to unintentionally spread the divine message to the four corners of the earth. Exactly as it happened in the famous story of Gideon, he only sounded the trumpet, then passively waited for the panic-stricken enemy to self-destruct.

Nothing and nobody can stop this virgin from giving her message to all humanity. The message is: “Jesus is coming back … Come out of the Matrix.”