My dad is a refuge and a strength for me,

an ever-ready help in difficulties.

Therefore I do not fear if the earth is shaken,

if the ocean level rises,

if storms become more intense

causing floods and landslides,

or if droughts increase expanding deserts.

For there is a spring of life,

whose channels flood with lifeblood

those who reflect the character of the Creator God Almighty.

My Father is in them: they shall not falter.

He will succour them at the rising of the dawn.

Nations are in turmoil, governments falter;

He makes His mighty voice heard; the earth trembles.

The Almighty Creator is with us all,

He is our refuge!

Come, behold the works of the Creator God,

He does spectacular things on earth.

He makes wars cease throughout the world;

He binds the guns, He breaks the rifles, He burns the tanks.

He says to us “Stop and acknowledge that I am the Creator God.

I will be glorified among the nations,

I will be glorified on earth”.

The Almighty is with us;

our Father who is in heaven is our refuge.

(see Psalm 46: 1-11)