Light has dawned for the righteous, and joy for the pure in heart.

For my Father who is in heaven has changed my sorrow into dance; He has stripped me of my mourning and clothed me with joy and strength.

For He has gladdened me with His miracles;
I sing for joy at the great works of His mighty hands.

He has put more joy in my heart than that which my enemies experience
When their money and success abound.

Therefore I want to rejoice, I loser who did not bring results!
I want to give in shouts of joy and rejoice, I who bore no fruit at all!
For the results and fruits of the weak are more numerous
Than the fruits of the strong.

I want to burst into shouts of joy,
I want to raise shouts of exultation,
I want to rejoice and exult with all my heart!
My Father has lifted His condemnations against me,
He has cast out my enemy.
The Creator God is with me,
I shall no longer have to fear any evil.
The Almighty is with me, as a mighty one who saves.
He rejoices with great joy because of me;
He quenches His thirst in His love,
exults, for my sake, with shouts of joy.

Instead of being betrayed, forsaken, hated,
the Almighty Creator has made me the boast of the ages,
the joy of all ages.

Light has indeed dawned for the righteous, and joy for the pure in heart.

(see Psalms 97:11 Psalms 30:11 Psalms 92:4 Psalms 4:7 Isaiah 54:1 Zephaniah 3:14-17 Isaiah 60:15)