– CS is not a new frame of mind to follow.
– CS is not a new creed that distinguishes us from others.
– CS is not a set of doctrines in which to believe.
– CS is not a list of commands and prohibitions to be obeyed.
– CS is not another church which we must join.
– CS is not a liberal or orthodox religion by which to abide.
– CS is not religious ecumenism to adhere to.
– CS is not an Eastern philosophy inspired by a guru.
– CS is not a fundamental ideology or religious tradition to defend.

– CS is a movement of Jesus’ fans who have an authentic and dynamic personal relationship with him!
– CS is to live and walk with Jesus every day of my life!
– CS is to experience the fruit of the Holy Spirit everyday!
– CS is a simple way of life; just, and consistent with God’s original commandments!
– CS is a profound change in my character in accordance with Jesus’ example!
– CS is an adventure that prepares me to meet Jesus!