A New Age of Power
In an age of deepening darkness, figures emerge to fight evil with fervour. These modern exorcists, heirs to ancestral traditions, are the beacon of hope in a world tormented by demonic possession. Their deeds, often narrated in epic works and concealed in cinematic rituals, transport me to a world of wonder and deep, sincere admiration.

I find myself increasingly fascinated by these heroic feats and those courageous exorcists who, with immovable faith and sacred rites, stand as guardians of the human soul. They do not hesitate to sacrifice everything to free those who have fallen under the demonic nightmare. How could I not be enchanted by such heroes, who dance on the thin line between the real world and the spiritual world?
However, these extraordinary long and tiring spiritual battles appear in stark contrast to the exorcisms performed by my perfect example, Jesus. My North Star (the Scriptures) tell me of the acts in which He freed tormented souls with extreme ease, often with a single word. The demons, terrified, would sometimes flee even before Jesus’ lips could utter a syllable. They begged for mercy, frightened by the torment. One such famous story is that of the demons who, without any dignity, asked Jesus to allow them to enter a herd of pigs, taking possession of the poor creatures. This episode has become an icon in the short but powerful mission of Jesus on this planet called Earth.
But why, then, do men of God of more recent times struggle with immense effort and sometimes deep pain against evil spirits, sometimes putting their own lives at risk?
Sometimes, my shaky faith seeks excuses, seeking refuge in the conviction that confronting Jesus is futile, since He is the Son of God, unique and unequalled. But that is blasphemy! Jesus came to this earth to be a beacon that illuminates the path of humanity, asking me to follow Him, emulate Him and, surprisingly, surpass Him. Yes, Jesus challenged me and predicted that I would do similar and even greater works than His. As the Son of God and an infallible prophet, He anticipated that I would tap into the same divine power that He had access to during His earthly life. He did not come to be inimitable, but to be followed and surpassed.
This is an extraordinary truth, a truth that makes even the demons tremble, including their lord and commander-in-chief. Every demon, from the most powerful to the weakest, trembles, stammers and sobs at this revelation. They know, better than I, that this divine power is knocking at their door.
Knock-knock! The Exorcist 2.0 has arrived, ready to mercilessly and without hesitation cast out any demon who dares cross his path, as announced countless times by my North Star.
Knock-knock, knock-knock… What if he is not the only one to carry on this extraordinary legacy? Perhaps, the hero who is first hurling himself against the forces of evil with the same power and authority as God the Son Jesus will awaken courage and faith in other Jesus fans, prompting them to follow him as the spiritual twin of Jesus?
Looking at the world around me, I see more and more powerful exorcists awakening from their spiritual torpor in every corner of our planet. This army is propelled by an omnipotent force, fed by the same creative and divine source from which Jesus drew during His earthly mission.
Now, I find myself standing in front of the majestic palace of the Prince of the Matrix himself. I approach the main entrance and knock on the door. Knock-knock.
P.S. These are the signs that will accompany those who have believed: in my name they will cast out devils, they will speak in new tongues, they will take {in their hands} serpents, even if they drink some poison they will not be harmed, they will lay their hands on the sick and they will be healed.
(see Mark 16:17-18)