The earthly gateway for the intervention of divine forces

Jacob, also known as Israel, is a key protagonist in the Old Testament epic saga of my polar star. Jacob is the son of Isaac and Rebekah, and also the grandson of Abraham. Jacob is particularly important for his team of twelve sons, who practically started the twelve tribes of Israel. Jacob is in fact called and referred to as patriarch.

Jacob’s life is like a rollercoaster ride of deception, intense confrontations, but also of deep faith and total commitment to God. His story is like the backbone of my North Star narrative, with his sons and their descendants shaping the history of the Jewish people.

But here’s the real twist: Jacob has a crazy dream of a ladder reaching to heaven, with angels ascending and descending between heaven and earth thanks to that very ladder. At the top, God appears and makes serious promises about land, descendants as numerous as dust particles, blessings for him and everyone on earth, and divine protection. This dream of the ladder, right in Genesis 28:10-19, is one of the most iconic and symbolic moments in the entire Bible.

The ladder is like a ‘Heaven-Earth Hotline’: a direct line between heaven and earth, showing that the Creator God is not just a distant figure but totally attainable and interactive with me as a human being. Furthermore, Jesus is the ladder: by becoming a man and coming to my planet earth, the Son of God made Himself the way to the heavenly Father, the ladder that leads to heaven. Has He Himself not declared that He is the way, and that no one can reach the Father except through Him (cf. John 14:6)?

In the New Testament, I come across a fascinating (not to say incredible) mention made by Jesus Himself. He refers to a future event in which the heavens will open and angels will ascend and descend upon a mysterious ‘son of man’ (cf. John 1:51). This suggests to me that His incarnation on earth, which was taking place at that time, was not the fulfilment of this premonition, but an event that He Himself postponed to a future time.

Continuing to the present day, Jesus’ prophecy, as well as Jacob’s dream, have not yet been fully realised. Therefore, in the culminating moments leading up to the glorious return of Jesus, a new figure of the Creator’s faithful servant will have to emerge: Jacob 2.0, a symbol of the loyal follower of God who is exactly what this name means.

This contemporary Jacob will assume the role of spiritual patriarch for Jesus’ fans in the last times, establishing a powerful and definitive connection between heaven and earth. He will be the ‘son of man’ who will bring to earth the heavenly ladder dreamt of thousands of years ago by the Jacob of the Old Testament, creating a connection between the spiritual and earthly worlds. This direct link between heaven and earth will intensify the work of the angels in terms of power, frequency and intensity, never seen before. The enigmatic Joseph 2.0 will act as the earthly gateway for the intervention of divine forces. My troubled and dying planet will be flooded with light and divine power as never before. The earthly and celestial worlds will finally be joined, and the whole world will be illuminated with a powerful message: ‘The Matrix has fallen. Come out of the Matrix!’ (cf. Revelation 18:1-8).

And when this happens, I will be one step away from the triumphant moment when Jesus returns in all His glorious majesty.