Fallen are you, O bloodthirsty tyrant, artisan of suffering. The Creator of the universe has shattered your domain of terror. Your illusory light, which clothed you in divinity, has been torn away, leaving you vulnerable and mortal. You were once a relentless executioner, a shadow of terror that struck deep fear, but now you lie vulnerable, a mere trophy for the vultures. Your figure, reduced to an inert scarecrow, now does not even inspire fear in the humblest sparrows.

The underworld writhes at your arrival. The souls of your long-lost soldiers peer at you with empty eyes. That majesty that once shone now lies shrouded and smothered in a cloak of worms.

And to think that you once aspired to challenge the Creator God Almighty. You dreamt of heavenly realms, but you fell into an abyss of dishonour and death. The Architect of the universe has indeed decreed the end of your name. Your lands are now a desert of ashes and bones, your dreams vanished like smoke, and your once devoted army now hates and despises you.

Your once loyal generals now gaze in astonishment at your misery. Your army, dazzled by your false light, trembles at your stripped vulnerability. They wonder how they can still follow a false god, a mere mortal creature full of lies. Kings rest in majestic tombs, but they lie in oblivion, deceived and abandoned. A cruel irony, a humiliating end. What vengeance can they inflict upon you for false hopes and empty illusions of glory?

In your kingdom of shadows, now only a whisper, your advisors conspire in the dark. It is evident to all of them that those who have followed you will face dire consequences for this self-destructive folly. Questions multiply: who will take your place? How to get rid of you? In the heart of the Matrix reigns chaos, terror, absolute disorder.

The psychological apocalypse triggered by your sudden and total annihilation is devastating your followers. The heart of the Matrix, once pulsing and vibrating, now lies helpless, stricken by a collective cardiac arrest. The lifeblood that once coursed through its veins has ceased to exist. The vision of your once formidable, fearless, radiant god, wrapped in a mantle of divine majesty, now reduced to a trembling, naked, dirty, babbling being in a dark corner, has caused an irreparable shock. Your faithful are shattered, lost in an abyss of despair from which they will never again emerge. The Matrix, as I know it, is irrevocably destroyed. The prophecy of an apocalyptic end, foretold millennia ago in ancient biblical texts, has been fulfilled in all its terrible truth.

I look up at a destroyed kingdom, a landscape of death and shadows, erased from the memory of time. (see Isaiah 14: 3-23)