Saga of an interplanetary pandemic

I always thought that fallen angels, i.e. demons, were the very essence of evil, irredeemably corrupt. In fact, I imagined them as abysses of darkness, distillations of pure evil. I always considered them to be absolute evil. Is it not human beings who are possessed by evil, possessed by these angelic creatures who so many millennia ago abandoned their Father and Creator to follow a creature who claimed (and still claims) to be the bringer of knowledge, enlightenment and absolute elevation?

But my vision was shattered when I discovered that true evil is not embodied in any creature, but exists as a cosmic virus that insinuates itself into the hearts of creatures, altering their original balance. Even the fallen angels I consider and call demons do not represent absolute evil. They too are victims of evil, beings possessed by this virus, which is nothing but distance from Good, and therefore distance from the Creator God Almighty.

This virus is not a pathogen or a mystical entity born from the deepest shadow of the universe. This virus is much more simply an imbalance in the creature designed perfectly in harmony by its architect. The fallen angels, once the splendid guardians of Creation, became the first victims of this imbalance, turning into corrupt entities, prisoners of their own downfall.
And so the demons that possess human beings are nothing more than beings that are themselves possessed. And so they possess nothing and no one because they do not even possess themselves. Victims who become executioners over weaker beings, infecting them with the virus of evil that has already taken full possession of their once majestically glorious existences.

Yes, absolute evil is not a living being, and therefore not a creature created by the Creator (and therefore not even the prince of the Matrix). It is a virus that can be born in the heart of any creature, which, after falling victim to such a virus, can in turn become an infected carrier of that virus that it harbours in its own heart.

This is shocking: we are all, human and angelic creatures, victims of a virus that is self-generating and self-reproducing, as this virus is nothing more than being far from the source of life, balance and therefore health and well-being. This is the largest and most terrifying pandemic ever recorded in the whole of creation… a pandemic of interplanetary scope.

But if this is indeed the case, then not only can the human race be liberated or negated from this seemingly omnipotent and implacable virus. No, in fact even fallen angels, demons, can be freed from their possession by this virus. Yes because the Creator God is all-powerful, and next to Him, every cell of every creature returns to its rightful place, regaining all its healthy and balanced characteristics.

Any creature that has strayed from its Creator can turn around and return to its Father.