The Hope of a Universal Antivirus

In an age lost in time, the angels, creatures of light and perfection, fell victim to an insidious virus of evil. This plague not only corrupted them, but transformed them into beings that spread the same darkness, turning from victims into executioners. From angels they became demons, from immortal beings to creatures marked by mortality. Demons then are magnificent and perfect created angels who allowed the virus of evil to infect them, and so I can call them infected angels who in turn infect other creatures with the same virus of evil.

The first blood that the evil virus sucked was the blood of the angelic race, before my blood and the blood of the human race. Yes, the tragedy began with the angelic race, long before that virus touched mankind.

However, a shocking revelation will soon spread through the heavenly realms: even demons, fallen angels, can be saved. They are not irretrievably lost, but can be freed from the grip of this evil that has enslaved them. This is heaven-shaking news, an epiphany that promises to change the course of eternity.

The prince of the Matrix, fully aware of this truth, has sought to conceal it in order to maintain his dominion over a kingdom plunged into shadow. But now, the truth has emerged into the light: the door to the Heavenly Father is not only open, but wide open. Fallen angels, by embracing humility and repentance, can regain their place in the universal cosmic order established by the Creator at the beginning of His creation. Immortality, once lost, can be regained, and their dry bones can be invigorated by new life.

The advent of the universal antivirus, coming from the Almighty Himself, is a gift that also embraces the angelic race. This antivirus is the essence of divine power, and it will be the last of the humans, a chosen exorcist, who will bring it to the whole of creation, in the name and on behalf of the Father of all. Faced with this cosmic turning point, every fallen angel is called to a decisive choice.

Demon, fallen angel, nay, infected brother, will you make a U-turn, will you return to the home of your Father, who has been waiting for you for eons with infinite love? Or will you choose to remain bound to the deceitful and self-destructive fate of your current lord, the one you still consider your commander-in-chief today, whose light has now been extinguished forever? Such light was never his any more than immortality was ever his. He has now made his choice to remain far from the Father, pursuing his hellish and mortal strategy to the end. But you, infected brother, will you forever free yourself from this virus that has enslaved, humiliated and disfigured you? The choice is YOURS and YOURS alone, for free will is granted to all creatures, as is the divine plan of salvation and redemption. Decide, then, the fate of this appeal, a choice that is hopefully wise and timely.

Time is short, for the gate of Noah’s Ark 2.0 is about to close, marking the boundary of eternity.