The epic odyssey for the healing of the universe

In this cosmic saga, the parable of the prodigal son, narrated by Jesus, rises to a universal arcane. Every creature, human or angelic, who has wandered far from the Creator, can find its way back home, back to the original light that once shone in its heart.
The Creator, with His almighty and benevolent power, emerges as the great Healer, the only one capable of restoring the primordial order. His presence is like a beacon in the midst of the cosmic storm, a promise of salvation and rebirth.

In fact, the parable of the prodigal son that Jesus told me two thousand years ago is not just about the prodigal sons of the human race, but ALL prodigal sons of any race created by the Almighty. We can all return to the Father and experience His forgiveness, or in other words, His nearness and healing.

My epiphany is that the battle against this evil is not a war against evil creatures, but an epic odyssey for the healing of the universe itself. The fallen angels, the demons, are not enemies to be annihilated, but brothers and sisters lost because infected by a terrible virus, therefore also in need of healing and redemption.

Thus, the fight against the virus becomes an epic journey, traversing the stars and hidden realms of the entire universe. Each creature, both angel and human, must undertake an inner pilgrimage, a quest to find his or her true self, to free themselves from the chains of darkness that envelop them.

The conclusion of this epic narrative is not just the defeat of an ancestral evil, but a universal awakening, a rebirth of light, love and harmony. The interplanetary pandemic of evil, the largest and most terrible the universe has ever known, is destined to end, not with destruction, but with liberation, healing and redemption.

I feel like an enraptured observer of this cosmic symphony, shocked but imbued with boundless hope. The virus, though shrouded in an aura of immeasurable power, is destined to be defeated. Every heart, in every corner of the universe, can be liberated, redeemed from its dark imprisonment. This is not just a change, but a revolution of being, a new dawn for every creature, in every reality.

I am shocked, but happy. The virus is beatable and anyone can be rid of it. This interplanetary pandemic has come to an end.