Under skies once yours, bearer of light,

You fell in shadows of a lost dream.

“You were the seal of perfection,” whispered Ezekiel,

“Full of wisdom, and in beauty perfect.”


In Eden you walked, amidst set gems,

Emeralds and gold, beneath thy feet shone.

A cherubim, with wings of fire, gloriously created,

On the Creator’s holy mountain, thou didst walk, revered.


But perversity lurked in thy royal heart,

And with it, thy wisdom and splendour thou didst corrupt.

“Thou shalt fall from heaven,” thy Dad warned thee, “for thy fatal foulness,

Into ashes thou shalt become, Under the stares that tempest thee.”


Isaiah, in his lament, observed thy decline,

“How thou didst fall from heaven, O morning star!”

On the mount of assembly thou didst dream of ascending,

But in the pit, in oblivion, they saw thee end.


Once a prince of princes, now a vanished dream,

A song forgotten, in lost echoes.

The earth rests, the sky clears,

And the cedar of Lebanon at thy passing trembles no more.


The kings of nations look at you, amazed,

“Is this he who shook the earth with fury?”

But now you lie, a shadow among shadows,

Covered with worms, in thy lonely grave.


Once high among the stars, now you lie felled,

Your light, a faded memory, in time lost.

“Light-bearer, where are your wings now?”

Asks the world, in your silence, Under quiet stars.