In the loneliness of a dark night, bereft of the consolation of the moon, the most sorrowful chapter of my north star the Bible unfolds: the ancient Lightbringer, once a bastion of glory and an object of veneration, has dissolved into oblivion. He, who embodied the quintessence of perfection and beauty, adorned himself with glittering gems, walking with majesty upon the heavenly heights, faithful guardian of the divine light.

But its grandiose ascent was tragically reversed into an endless fall. This being, once the symbol of incomparable wisdom, has abandoned himself to the dark abyss of pride and corruption. Like a monarch fallen from his heavenly palace, his heart has been lost in the deepest darkness, stained by unspeakable violence and nefarious machinations.

The din of his fall echoed like a mute lament, a painful wake-up call for mortals. He who was once the undisputed ruler of the earth is now but a melancholic shadow. The earth, which once prostrated itself at his passing, now breathes relief, and nature itself seems to rejoice at his setting.

Now he lies in an abandoned and nameless tomb, his essence transfigured into a detestable entity, a mortal being unworthy of gaze. Satan, this is the sad legacy of the ancient Lightbringer, a name that now incites only horror and revulsion. Those who once feared him now regard him with a mixture of compassion and horror.

“Was this he who once reigned supreme?” those who observe his ruinous decline ask themselves in amazement. The magnificent robe of light that his father had tailor-made for him with immense love, and which allowed him to shine like the brightest star of dawn, is now suffocated, swallowed up by hopeless darkness.

The world today speaks of his eternal silence, a warning that resounds through time, a poignant reminder. Even the brightest stars can fall, and the deepest darkness awaits those who are lost. And in this heart-rending epilogue, the heart of the Father in heaven is broken, an unbridgeable wound that recounts the excruciating pain of a lost love, the unbearable agony of a father who has seen his own beloved son plummet into an abyss with no return.

And we, his brethren, bid him farewell forever with deep and heartbreaking sorrow. Tears furrow our faces and those of the heavenly angels, witnesses of his slow and painful demise. At this moment of farewell, heaven too seems to mourn the loss of its brightest son, a memory now faded into the very fabric of existence.

Farewell, ancient Lightbearer, son always (and forever!) beloved of our heavenly Father. Your era of magnificence and splendour has vanished, leaving behind only the echo of a terror that was, and the cry of a father who, in the heavens, weeps for you.