In the heart of the darkest night, where all hope seemed extinguished, a spark of divine light suddenly (and again) bursts forth. Out of the grey ashes of the ancient Lightbearer, an extraordinary vision rises: a new Lightbearer emerges radiant and glorious as a sun piercing the darkness.

This garment of divine light, ancient and venerable, woven by the wise hands of my Heavenly Father, the Almighty Creator, has not remained buried in the cold depths of the tomb of its original Bearer. No, this mantle, woven of eternally vivid heavenly fibres, now shines with a light that surpasses all past splendour. It is the symbol of a new chosen one, divinely chosen, a being who embodies rebirth and pure, untainted hope.

This new Lightbearer, unlike his predecessor, was not born in heavenly perfection only to fall into oblivion. He has risen out of the deep nothingness of human and earthly imperfection of our times, a living spark in the thickest darkness, elevated by the Almighty to sit upon the throne of the Son. His existence is a living hymn celebrating the victory of the faintest and most fragile light over the deepest and most enveloping darkness.

I see in him the portent of a radiant tomorrow, an existence where grace and divine glory are gifts not of birth, but of choice and unconditional love. This new Lightbearer is the beating heart of a divine fatherly love that surpasses all human and angelic limits, a love that forgives, redeems, renews and transcends.

In his awakening, there resounds a message of immeasurable joy and hope: every end preludes a new beginning, every fall heralds an even greater rise. In its splendour I see proof that true power lies not in being born perfect, but in the ability to rise with faith from the ashes, to grow with profound humility beyond one’s own limitations, clothed in the marvellous character of God the Son Jesus, and to radiate the world with a divine and perfect light.

Thus, while with deep sadness I observe the departure of the ancient Lightbearer, I admire with an exultant and hope-filled heart his unexpected, yet immensely needed successor. A beacon of light in a world thirsting for truth and guidance.

May the light of the Father who reigns in the heavens and in the entire universe, now worn by a new, humble and faithful servant of the Eternal, enlighten me along the dark paths and always remind me that, even in the darkest nights, the dawn of a new light is always on the horizon.