Sunset of the ancient celestial beacon… a day of universal mourning

In a world beyond time, where angels dance among the stars, news of an unthinkable tragedy has shaken the entire universe. Lucifer, the first creation, the most radiant angel, met his spiritual end. It was unthinkable that he, the most sublime and resplendent of heavenly beings, once a pillar of light and grace, could have suffered such a decline.

The heavens, once the domain of perfect symphony, are now shrouded in a drape of deep sorrow. The son he has always loved has turned against his Father, thus losing the immortality bestowed upon him at the moment of his creation, a divine privilege granted only to those who remain in communion with the source of life. This is not only the end of an era for the brightest of celestial beings, but also the end of his noble identity and mission as the bearer of divine light.

Today I witness the waning of the ancient celestial beacon. Although its existence gradually fades away, its divine role as messenger and ambassador of the Creator is broken in an instant. His mantle of divine light, which once shrouded him in regal glory, has abandoned him, exposing him to his spiritual death – an unprecedented, tragic, solemn and alas final conclusion.

On this day of universal mourning, the first heavenly funeral is celebrated. The beloved son, once closest to the divine throne and bathed in His light, the closest to the Creator, has turned his back on the path to the Father, becoming the most illustrious among the lost. He who was closest to God is now the symbol of the abandonment of the infinite and immaculate love of his Creator, He who forged him in His image and likeness.

An unfathomable grief envelops the heavens, and all its inhabitants mourn their lost brother, unable to comprehend how the most favoured among them has fallen so deeply, losing both immortality and the radiant mantle of heavenly light.
Heavenly tears furrow eternal faces, in a grief never before experienced. Death, an unwelcome intruder, has passed through the gates of the celestial realm, taking with him who was once the pinnacle of divine creation and the emblem of His ineffable and perfect character.

With deep sorrow, we bid you farewell, dear brother, you who set the seal on perfection. Your Father, together with us, your human and heavenly brothers, we shed tears of mourning for you.