The apex of the Matrixian hierarchical pyramid is firmly under the control of a caste. This caste is made up of obscure men who have divided up among themselves, in a manner that is invisible to me, dominion over every aspect of my life, from my aspirations to my hopes.

  • The Matrixian caste governs the politics in my society, progressively dismantling the welfare state which still used to guarantee at least a minimum of dignity by at least providing essential services to me, the citizen.
  • The Matrixian caste controls the economy through finance, draining public funds and at the same time loan sharking me, the client.
  • The Matrixian caste leads religion through traditions/rituals/sacraments and doctrines, spiritually starving me, the faithful member.

Jesus announces the end of the Matrixian caste: “Listen to me you political/economic/religious leaders! My fans are left exposed to robbery and are a meal for all the Matrixian vultures because you leaders govern for your own personal interest and not in favor of the community. So, listen to me you leaders of the nations/banks/religions: I am against you leaders; I will claim my fans from out of your hands; I will make you stop governing my fans; you Matrixian leaders will no longer govern even yourselves; I will grab my fans from out of your mouths and their sweat and tears will no longer be at the disposal of your shameful greed”. (See Ezekiel 34:7-10)