The great conflict between man and the devil is over. What Adam, created in the image and likeness of the Creator and with a faultless mind and body, lost in the unfair (!) confrontation with the ancient serpent millennia ago has been regained by a new mortal and sinful Adam.

Yes, the great and millennial conflict between man and the devil is truly over. Satan has emerged defeated and with broken bones. The human race, on the contrary, emerges victorious and elevated beyond any other race created by the Architect of the universe. And its champion, that is, the new David who brazenly challenged and unbelievably vanquished the terrible and gigantic adversary, will now be clothed in a wonderfully resplendent garment. His face will soon radiate a perfect light a hundred times greater than the splendour that had covered the face of Moses centuries ago.

The new Elijah, long awaited for too long, has indeed arrived and all things have been restored. And creatures of good will and sincere spirit will be brought together and made peace with the Creator in heaven.

Nothing will be as it was before and never again will evil prevail over good, just as darkness will no longer overwhelm the light. No, for the new angel has risen and with his authority and splendour he will illuminate the whole of creation with a power never before seen.

Everything is now clear, crystal-clear and sharp. Good and evil are clearly separated and the wise virgins will very soon be freed from the foolish ones who for too long have sown discord and strife protected by the darkness of the night. Yes, the cry of midnight is about to decree the end of the time of grace, and the foolish virgins will soon flee in the hope that mountains will fall upon them. For tremendous is the wages of their own destructive and wicked choices.

Rejoice O fan of Jesus for the great conflict is over! Raise your arms in victory and look for the last time at the great dragon crushed beneath your feet in your eyes for you will never see him again… ever. He represents the past and will never be again. Rejoice therefore and put on the magnificent and incorruptible robe that your Father is presenting to you and participate in the wedding of the only-begotten son of the King of kings, Lord of lords.

All is now accomplished, Papa. To you I surrender my weary and mortal spirit to receive from your hands the crown of life.

Glory to the King and long life to all His children of the human race.