The black swan theory is an ancient metaphor that expresses the concept that a rare, unpredictable and totally unexpected event (which can be either positive or negative in nature) with a strong impact on the course of history of my planet called earth, comes as a surprise to all observers. Once it happens, the event is only rationalised in retrospect.

In fact, a black swan can never be predicted, imagined or classified using the methods of limited human science, due to its nature as a very low probability event. When it arrives, it is often not even recognised for what it really is. It is an isolated event, but one with a disruptive impact, which is outside the realm of normal expectations, since nothing in the past can plausibly indicate its possibility.

Yet, my North Star prophesied millennia in advance the arrival of the most unique and powerful black swan the human race has ever known. And of that black swan he reveals to me some very important and rare aspects:

It will light up my entire planet (see Revelation 18)
It will awaken me and all my fellows who inhabit that planet (see Matthew 25:1-13)
It will restore all things (see Matthew 17:11)
Has it ever happened in the entire history of mankind that something or someone has illuminated the entire planet earth, causing an almost instantaneous and universal awakening, thus restoring an ideal, perfect and eternally lasting balance? The miracles in the days of Moses will be nothing more than an old and faded black-and-white photocopy by comparison.

Such a black swan will literally drive the world’s most qualified analysts (military, scientists, economists, political scientists, religious scholars, psychologists, computer scientists, etc.) crazy, who, thanks also to the use of the most advanced technology in existence, will relentlessly analyse, elaborate and update strategies for the powerful. But what their analyses can only certify will be their total inability to understand the origin of this black swan, its scope and duration, let alone the fulcrum of its power. The whole world will be literally dumbfounded. And my North Star adds that presidents and kings will see such a black swan and rise up, princes and leaders as well and bow down (see Isaiah 49:7).

It will be the black swan that will certify the limitedness of the creature before the omnipotence of the Creator, but also the infinite goodness of the Creator before His creatures. Yes, for such a swan will bring a message of salvation and immortality to me, a man of weary and dry bones.

The divine healing and immortality promised since antiquity is at the doorstep of my contemporary history and a shy, small, mortal black swan will be its forerunner. And at last the Creator of this planet and of the entire universe will enter the scene, intervening with extraordinary power and authority in the history of His beloved creation, and nothing and no one will be able to prevent Him from carrying out His plan of salvation for this race He created.