After centuries and millennia of absolute harmony in the heavens and the universe, the rebellion of the closest (and therefore most important) angel to God wreaks havoc, dismay, uncertainty and pain on the whole of creation. And as my North Star tells me, a third of the angelic race chooses to join the rebellion against their Creator.

To this totally new, but certainly not surprising crisis for the Omniscient One, my dad reacts with calm, patience (beyond the limit of human comprehension), love (trying to recover His beloved lost sheep to the last) and sobriety.

In the chaos that is gradually brewing in the heavens and at the inhabited planets around the universe, the Creator God seems almost unconcerned, leaving Lucifer to roam the entire creation spreading his devious lies in search of followers ready to side with his rebellion. What the Almighty gives His meticulous care and attention to is the creation of a new race: man. And the great and boundless love and immense importance of such His new creature is underlined by the fact that THIS creature is created by HIM in HIS image and likeness.

I struggle today to understand the shock that pervaded Lucifer at the sight of Adam and Eve in all their perfection and likeness to the Creator God Almighty. Had he not until that moment, and for millennia, been the most magnificent, resplendent and Almighty-like creature? What did the Creator God have in mind with this new race, created just when he, the closest creature to the throne of the Almighty, had openly rebelled and opposed the Eternal One?

To a creature as intelligent as Lucifer, still in the prime of his physical and mental faculties (a far cry from the wretched and weary Matrix prince of today), the divine strategy was immediately crystal-clear: Creator God was preparing his undoing and even his replacement as the rebellious son by a new creature even more similar to the Creator than he who was (still…) officially THE light-bearer. Thus was born the hatred in Lucifer for Adam and the entire human race, against which he immediately lashed out with unprecedented raging and bloody vehemence. And also on that day began the no-holds-barred conflict between Satan and his demons against the human race.

True, the first battle was won by the impostor. Adam (and the human race) fell into his trap. But the war is still going on, and my North Star tells me with absolute clarity that it will be man, albeit wounded in the heel, who will crush the head of the ancient serpent, aka the one who is now alone and sadly the former Lucifer (see Genesis 3:15).

I only now understand the lofty importance of the human race in the history of the entire universe, and the fundamental role I play in this great conflict between Good and Evil. I am not a spectator in the stands, let alone the miserable loser that the lying usurper would have me believe. No, I am the secret weapon of the Almighty who will put an end to this sad and bloody rebellion by crushing the head of the commander-in-chief. And I will always be the one to take his place in the new divine universal order.

I was created with a very specific meaning and with the highest and most prestigious task that any creature in the entire universe has ever received from the Creator. I am His most powerful weapon (as the closest being to the Almighty!) about to plunge mortally into the flesh of the treacherous prince of the Matrix, thus decreeing the final end to his unjust and insane rebellion.

The moment of victory, and consequent exaltation, of the human race has arrived. Yes, the divine plan studied millennia ago down to the tiniest detail, a plan in which I play the leading role, is about to be fulfilled with millimetric precision.

But the glory and honour of that victory be to God and Him alone!!!