“I presented my back to those who beat me,

and my cheeks to him who plucked my beard;

I did not hide my face

from insults and spitting.

But the Creator GOD, he rescued me;

therefore I was not cast down;

therefore have I made my face hard as stone

And I know that I shall not be disappointed.

Near is he who justifies me;

who can accuse me?

Let us compare!

Who is my adversary?

Come near me!

My father will come to my aid;

who is he that will condemn me?

Behold, all these shall become as threadbare as a garment,

the moth shall eat them up.

Who of you fears the Creator GOD

and listens to the voice of His postman?

Though he walk in darkness, devoid of light,

trust in the name of the Creator GOD

and lean on his Father!”

Light shines in darkness,

and the darkness has not overtaken it.

(see Gospel according to John 1:5 and see Isaiah 50: 6-10)