The Matrix (Babylon) is a society governed by a technocratic corporation with a tyrannical edge, based on surveillance, monitoring, indoctrination by the mass media, military oppression and radical separation between the social classes. In the Matrix, surveillance cameras, microchips, social networks and mass communication methods are abundantly used by a closed circle of governors to manipulate the will of the masses, who live under the constant oppression of poverty, hunger and disease. A sort of Orwellian “Big Brother” nightmare in which a shamelessly rich, powerful and corrupt brotherhood lives off a population kept ignorant about its real condition of material and spiritual slavery.

And so, through the legislation of governments and thanks to a new spirituality in the churches, the prince of the Matrix, together with the help of the DEMONS and people who are politically sided and religiously connected, is injecting his own DNA into every living soul.

Yes, now I can finally see clearly! In material terms the Matrix, the modern Babylon of my times, is a technological police state, governed by a powerful and obscure elite. In spiritual terms, the Matrix is a world in the likeness and image of Lucifer, Jesus’ great adversary.

(message taken from COME OUT OF THE MATRIX Volume 2)