If the Bible writers (God’s prophets) chose the name of a city known for its splendor and its consequent arrogance / pride to symbolize the Evil that will characterize the last days before Jesus’ second coming, can modern Babylon (the Matrix) be devoid of that ancient spirit of self-exaltation of its own EGO which was first shown by the angel Lucifer in heaven? Of course not!

The Matrix, today’s Babylon, is a society of creatures who have made pride, arrogance and self-exaltation their distinctive mark. The Matrix is also the homeland of all those so-called fans of Jesus who, in place of His meekness and humility manifest a character corrupted by the virus of self-exaltation.

Now I understand why Jesus in His last message to planet earth in Revelation 18 invited HIS people to come out of the Matrix. Only now do I understand why the church (body) of Jesus is still to be found in the Matrix. This people/church, just like me, is still in the Matrix (even though it believes itself to be so spiritually rich and sighted) because the most sophisticated version of the Luciferian virus (the OMEGA virus) is not a commandment and/or doctrine, but rather the most profound and powerful character trait that Jesus showed me by coming to Earth the first time. He, even though He is the omnipotent God, came to my small earth to submit Himself with a meekness that was astounding to say the least. A character trait that not even His people want to reflect, thus automatically placing themselves on the side of Jesus’ adversary.

That’s why Jesus tells me I must be born again. Yes, because my EGO must die FIRST in order to bring about only AFTERWARDS the spiritual metamorphosis that God has in mind for me, returning to His image and likeness, i.e. Christian style.

Am I willing to kill my EGO?