In a world swarmed with churches, denominations, sects and philosophies, the question arises: why Christian Style?  Does it not further crowd the already congested roads of religion and spirituality, adding to the confusion of man in search of truth and meaning of life?

Two thousand years ago, at the time of Christ, many people turned to the fans of Jesus asking them to see Jesus himself (John 24:21). It was a simple request, almost banal, expressed in very few words. Yet this request easily reveals man’s deepest desire, but also the most ignored.  It is a desire that the human being has always kept in his soul. Yes, even today the citizens of the Matrix continue to desperately ask the fans of Jesus to really show them the famous Jesus. No other questions could better represent the Matrix of today, days of great suffering, anguish, and despair.

This request represents a great opportunity for the fans of Jesus.  At the same time it hides an immense threat: not showing Jesus to the Matrix is like declaring the death of Christianity.

The time is right more than ever to show Jesus, His perfect and loving character, to the Matrix and throughout the entire universe.  And as a fan of Jesus I have the opportunity to let the citizens of the Matrix touch the sky with their finger, preparing the way for the return of Jesus who wants to take me home at last.