“Now I announce to you new things, occult things that you do not know.

They do not go back to ancient times because they are things that I create now;

before today you have not heard of them from any of My ancient prophets.

Gather round, all of you, and listen! Which of you is prophesying these new things?

My beloved, the twin brother of my only-begotten Son Jesus,

my last servant and ambassador, the one whom I myself have chosen has made such premonitions.

He shall execute my will against the Matrix, he shall execute the dark prince and all his demons.

I, I have spoken, I have called him; I have sent for him and his deed will succeed.

Victory is his and no one, not even the prince of the Matrix himself, will stand in his way!

Come out of the Matrix, flee from the demons and unclean spirits!

With a joyful voice announce it, proclaim it, spread it to the ends of the earth!

Say: “The Almighty Creator has sent His last servant to deliver Zion.

(see Isaiah 48:6-7, 14-15, 20)