A Path of Reconciliation and Hope

My dearest son,

In these words, find the beat of a heart that can’t wait to shower upon you every blessing this world has to offer, a heart that has designed a glorious future for you, for your brother, and for all of us, united under the same sky, walking on a land flowing with milk and honey. A world where the promise of peace and abundance is not just an aspiration, but a tangible reality that patiently waits to unfold before our eyes.

Imagine, my son, a land where the cow and the bear graze together, where their young rest next to each other in an embrace of peace; a place where the lion, with a meek heart, feeds on fodder like the humble ox. This is the vision I hold for us, a paradigm of harmony that transcends all prejudice and overcomes all conflict, where love and understanding weave the very fabric of our existence.

As I see your brother again, I see the standard bearer of this new dawn, a witness to the mercy and redemption that awaits us. His rediscovered presence among us is not only a reason for joy, but a prophetic sign of forgiveness that opens the doors to a radiant future, a future in which all of us, together, will build a world once again flourishing with compassion, thriving with peace and justice .

I understand your pain and frustration at what may seem like an undeserved reward, a celebration for those who squandered rather than for those who remained faithful. But, my dear son, everything I have is yours, every grain of earth you tread, every plant that grows in our fields, every ray of sunshine that illuminates our home. Your loyalty and hard work are the very fabric of this family’s existence, precious beyond measure.

The celebration of your brother’s return is not a tribute to his absence, but an exultation for finding what was lost. It is the symbol of the hope that we must never abandon, of the faith in love that overcomes every failure, of a forgiveness that triumphs over the deepest wounds.

I therefore invite you to share this joy, not to celebrate the mistake, but to honor the capacity for change, the strength of forgiveness and the immensity of the love that binds us. This party is as much for him as for us, a moment to remind ourselves that what really matters is the love that unites us, a bond that not even distance, not even mistakes can break.

My son, I invite you to look beyond the horizon of the present, towards the eternity of a tomorrow where you and your brother, together with me, will be builders of this promised kingdom, creators of a reality where love unites every heart and every soul in a concert of celestial harmony. The celebration for your brother’s return is nothing more than the echo of this hope, a prelude to the symphony of brotherhood and unity that awaits us.

Remember, my son, that true greatness does not lie in never falling, but in knowing how to get up again, in forgiving and being forgiven. We are family, and our love is our strongest bond, our greatest joy, our most precious blessing.

Please, therefore, welcome your brother not only into your arms, but into the depths of your heart, as a sign of our shared commitment to this divine vision. Let our journey together be illuminated by faith in this shared destiny, a path that will see us advance hand in hand, with our eyes fixed on that promised land, fervent in the belief that, one day, we will live in a world transformed by love .

With a love that knows neither boundaries nor end,

Your dad