The Dawn of a Redeemed Angel

In the dark abyss where nothingness whispers,

An angel cries, his life now gone.

Broken wings, in the silence, a sad trail,

A heart that has been nourished by regrets, in the infinite night.

But here, in the darkness, a breath, a light caress,

A messenger of love, in the veil of the evening.

With an embrace that the cold winter receives,

And it instills hope, in the severe storm.

From this gesture, a reborn life flows,

In frozen veins, a warmth spreads.

The darkness opens, and the light breaks in,

Announcing the beginning of a surprising tomorrow.

Forgiveness rests sweetly on bitter wounds,

In the divine embrace, the soul finds itself enveloped.

From the tears, a river of joy begins to flow,

In this embrace, a new life was captured.

A fallen angel, awakened from oblivion,

By heavenly mercy, finally saved.

With reborn wings and renewed spirit,

A transformed destiny rises to the world.

Where hope from despair blossoms, fearless,

And in forgiveness, every mistake finds its redemption,

The fallen angel, his prisoner from death,

He is reborn to life, in love, in infinite mercy.