The end is inevitable. Here is the last station, the terminus of your thousand-year exile. The train of your rebellious existence stops, and the conductor, with an imperious gesture, signals you that it’s time to get off. There is no escape, there is no return.

Your odyssey has been wild, a whirlwind of wantonness, irreverence, and contempt, a delusion of grandeur that has transformed into an abyss of debasement, depravity, and destruction. Millennia spent in a senseless war against your Creator, a fight in which you not only challenged the Architect of the universe but also mercilessly tore apart the creatures considered brothers and sisters, annihilating every gift, every fragment of benevolence received from your Father celestial at the moment of creation.

With vile treachery and deep disgust, you have swept across the universe, a living scourge, corrupting and ravaging the divine life-balance wherever you could, leaving in your wake only smoking ruins, despair, and a trail of death and destruction. You laughed at tragedies, you drank in the blood and desperation of others, in particular of humanity and its earthly jewel, the battlefield of your ‘holy war’ against the immensity of the Almighty. You have plundered and desolated, emptying the planet and Its creatures of their similarity to the Divine.

Your figure is now that of a beggar, an exile of the spirit, kneeling and trembling, his face streaked with tears for an irreparable past, his heart an abyss of despair and self-contempt. You dare not meet anyone’s gaze, least of all that of the celestial beings you once considered equals. Shame consumes you, and the darkest thoughts besiege your mind, whispering the temptation of merciful extinction.

But just when the abyss seems to swallow you, a ray of hope breaks through the darkness. Love letters, life messages sent by your Creator, manage to penetrate the veil of desperation. They are words that speak directly to the soul, reminding you of an unconditional love that you had not dared to hope could still exist for you.

These letters, these words of life, offer you a vision of redemption so powerful that it will snatch you from the clutches of despair. Despite everything, despite the abomination of your actions, the opportunity for a return, for a rebirth, is offered to you on a platter of divine mercy. And as you stand there, an outcast among outcasts, you realize that you are not alone. Around you, a sea of fallen angels and lost souls, each with their own burden of sin, all suspended in a moment of collective hope.

The celestial ambassador, in his guise of divine postman, approaches wearing the cloak of light, once distinctive of the one who embodied pride and fall. Now, however, this cloak adorns the figure that symbolizes the essence of humility and redemption. Your heart beats furiously, a wild drum in your chest: his gaze meets yours, firmly, for long seconds, radiating peace and affection. You see no trace of contempt, coldness, or any other negative feeling you feared you would find. And then, it happens again: his gaze becomes more intense, he gets closer… Incredibly, he touches you, and even more, he envelops you in a hug. He shows no fear for your condition, for that spiritual leprosy that covers you, he shows no repulsion for your outcast, dirty, acrid-smelling and neglected-looking figure. On the contrary, he holds you with a warmth and intensity that you no longer remember, since that day when you chose to follow the dark ways, becoming a follower of the one who is now nothing more than a bringer of darkness.

In that embrace, a memory comes over you, a passage taken from the Ancient Biblical Scriptures, in which the Supreme Father promises His beloved creatures to go to Him, all of us – yes, all of us who feel tired and oppressed – and we assures us that He will give us rest. This divine promise, like a lighthouse in the night, illuminates your soul, offering a glimmer of hope in a sea of despair.

His embrace, warm and genuine, envelops you, erasing every trace of spiritual leprosy that marked you. In that gesture of love, you find the strength to believe in a possibility of salvation, in a rebirth of the soul that you would have judged impossible. It is a moment of epic transformation, an apotheosis of grace that rewrites your destiny.

May glory be to God, infinite source of love and life.