From hell on earth, where death, disease, and depression reigned supreme,

I now find myself in heaven, on an unlikely but true journey.

It was a dark place, where hope seemed like an illusion,

Every day a burden, every breath a torment,

My soul wrapped in chains of despair.

But then, the transformation, a sublime awakening,

I find myself lifted up, in the arms of the Eternal,

Where everything is perfection, every detail a divine invention,

The sky unfolds in an infinite number of colors,

And I, amazed, observe the universal harmony.

Here, among the clouds of a rediscovered paradise,

I discover the beauty of every creature, every story, every soul,

In this kingdom of peace, I understand the value of love,

The strength of acceptance, the joy of forgiveness.

I admire the perfection of everything, including myself,

For the first time I see clearly, without shadows or doubts,

My essence reflected in the celestial design,

A piece of the universe, unique and precious.

Here, in the infinite embrace of the sky,

I discover that even the deepest wounds can heal,

That every tear shed has found its meaning,

And every struggle, every pain, was just the prelude

Of a shining rebirth, of an endless life.

Now, in the immensity of this eternal peace,

I celebrate my metamorphosis, from ash to light,

And on this journey from night to day,

I discover the purest love, the truest happiness,

In the perfection of all that is,

Including myself, finally free, finally home.