The final Countdown

At this crucial moment in history, a crossroads of uncertain destinies and infinite possibilities, the parable of the prodigal son burns like a blazing torch in the darkness, imploring us to understand that forgiveness and a return to the home of our Creator are not only desirable, but of vital importance. This ancient narrative, vibrant with eternal truth, cries out to us, announcing that the time to heal our fractures with the Infinite is rapidly running out. The last sand flows in the hourglass; the time to act is now, not another.

Listen, souls from every corner of the universe! The divine feast is served, the eternal threshold is wide open, and the Father awaits us, not only ready but eager to hold us close to Himself in a forgiveness that erases every trace of the past. Yet, while we are here, the cosmic clock ticks every second, and with each beat an opportunity for redemption, for peace, for rediscovering our authentic self – immortal essence linked to the divine – fades into oblivion.

The call of the prodigal son resonates with a heartbreaking urgency, a desperate call to recognize that, no matter how many distances we have traveled in error, the road back to our father’s home remains open. But be careful, time is not an infinite flowing river. The final countdown has begun a final call to renew and re-embrace that sacred bond with the Eternal, our all-knowing Father, before time uses up its last grain of sand.

With words that intend to pierce the veil of indifference and soporific routine, I implore you to perceive the palpable urgency of this epochal moment. Don’t let the noise and distractions of this world drown out that deep call, that voice that invites you home. Return is at hand, forgiveness is a gift already offered, but action must be taken now.

Souls of the universe, hear the heartfelt appeal, the message is a flame that cannot be ignored: the time to return to the womb of our Creator is reducing to a thin thread, like the last lights of the sunset that give way to the ‘darkness. Before the doors are sealed, before time pronounces its final and irreversible verdict, we advance towards the light, the love, the forgiveness that embraces everything.

The supreme moment has arrived. Allow this to be the moment of our rebirth, our glorious return home, where an eternal embrace awaits us. Time is running out. The invitation to return is here, now, vibrant with urgency as never before. Let us find our way home, to the safety, deep peace, and infinite love of our Creator, while we still have the opportunity.