Brothers and sisters of the great universal family of every race created by the Almighty, the message of the parable of the prodigal son invites us to reflect deeply on the true meaning of forgiveness and unconditional love. At the heart of this story lies a universal appeal: no matter the severity of our actions, our heavenly Father’s grave pardon is still open, inviting us to return to Him.

This invitation is a gentle but powerful reminder, which resonates across time and space, not to let ourselves be overwhelmed by the weight of our mistakes, by shame or by the fear of not being welcomed. Our Father in heaven knows us intimately, understands our every struggle, our every failure and, despite everything, loves us with a love that surpasses every human limit. A love so deep that it seeks us out when we get lost, to celebrate our return more than our departure.

I therefore invite you not to close your heart to this possibility of reconciliation and rebirth. No matter how distant or estranged we may feel, the door to forgiveness and the Father’s love always remains open. God is greater than any of our shortcomings; his love for us, his children, is unlimited and inexhaustible.

Let us therefore embrace this grave pardon, this gift of mercy that frees us from the chains of remorse and allows us to walk in the light again. Let us allow ourselves to be transformed by the unconditional love of our Father who is in heaven and in turn become bearers of that forgiveness and that love in the world, testifying to the power of grace that renews and saves.

Together, as brothers and sisters of universal creation united in this journey of life, we can reflect the goodness and mercy of our Heavenly Father, opening our hearts to the sublime gift of His forgiveness and spreading the warmth of His limitless love wherever we find ourselves.