Speaks the Creator God Almighty to the human race He created:

“Truth is gone, and he who turns away from evil exposes himself to be stripped.

I have seen, and I am infinitely sorry that there is no more righteousness; I have seen that there is no more man, and I was astonished that no one intervened.

Then my arm came to my aid, my righteousness sustained me; I clothed myself in righteousness as in armor, I put on my head the helmet of salvation, I put on the garments of vengeance, I wrapped myself in jealousy as in a cloak.

I will render to each one according to his works; Fury to my adversaries, Retribution to my enemies; To the islands I will give their retribution.

Thus shall my name be feared from the west, and my glory from the east; when the adversary comes like a flood, my Spirit shall put him to flight.”

He goes on to decree:

“A savior will come for Zion and for those in the Matrix who are converted from their revolt.”

And behold, I see a white horse; and he who rides it has a bow; and a crown is given to him. He comes to win, and he will come out the victor!

It is true: the adversary has come like a swollen torrent and has flooded the entire planet with plagues and curses of every kind and genre. But just now when all seems lost for the human race, the adversary (now known as the prince of darkness) will be put to flight.

Word of the Creator God Almighty!

(see Isaiah 59:15-20 and Revelation 6:2)