I see him wandering dark in face through the streets of the Matrix looking for his next prey. I can hear him condemning, cursing, uttering lie after lie, blaspheming the name of his heavenly father who had created him so perfectly. I can almost touch him, so close is he to his favorite prey: me as a fan of Jesus and a son in love with his daddy who in heaven is preparing a wonderful home for me.

His facial expression reveals all his anger. He has blood in his eyes, in fact the capillaries in his eyes are bursting due to the sharp rise in blood pressure. The hypertension is consuming him psychologically and emotionally. His breath is getting shorter and shorter and his vision is becoming increasingly blurry. By now the panic attacks are no longer momentary, but continuous and permanent.

His gaze is that of a madman who has lost his mind, now totally in panic because of the death sentence hanging over his head by his own choice. What misery… a being once simply perfect and destined for glorious immortality who now feels the vitality ebbing away. It must be a truly all-consuming feeling of terror.

But no one is more dangerous than a profoundly evil being who now has nothing left to lose: in fact, he’s hungry for flesh…he’s thirsty for blood…he’s blinded by hatred for his Creator and all creation.

My adversary goes around like a roaring lion who tries to drag with him to his sad end every form of life that comes before him. I want to be sober and vigilant! (see 1 Peter 5:8)