Despite the fact that everything seems to be going wrong in my life, my family’s life, and the world at large, the best is yet to come.

My ears are about to hear the most incredible message human ears have ever heard. My eyes are about to see the most spectacular things planet earth has ever seen. My hands are about to touch the most exciting time in human history.

But how is this possible when all my senses are telling me, or rather they are shouting at me, that I am just a miserable pawn surrounded by a powerful army armed to the teeth, a helpless lamb in the midst of a pack of hungry wolves?

Jesus tells me that if I believe His premonitions I too will do the works He did. Isn’t that crazy? Jesus healed the sick…Jesus cast out demons…Jesus raised the dead. But Jesus doesn’t stop there, rather he goes on to peremptorily state that I will do even greater works. (see John 14:12)

The Prince of Matrix knows this prophecy of Jesus by heart. It is the premonition he hates the most. Just the distant memory of such premonition sends him completely into a tailspin. Wretched mortal men who carry on the work of Jesus doing the same works of Jesus, and even more (!), would represent his humiliation and final defeat.

Even if all this seems impossible to believe and even to imagine, it will be a humble pawn with an unshakable faith that will put the king of the army of darkness under direct attack in such a way that he will have no way to take cover with other pieces or move into a square free from the threat of immediate capture.

Checkmate to the king… to the king of darkness (the prince of the Matrix)!