In a lost age, among the sacred written pages,
A shadow wanders, the Bringer of Darkness, cursed.
From the ancient text to the new divine verb,
His story unfolds, an adverse and perverse destiny.

Inciter of David, under starry skies,
He incites sin, to take a census of defenseless hearts.
Pain and wound, the price of pride,
The earth cries, the sky darkens, hope fades.

Challenger of Job, in the storm of life,
He experiences faith, with pain and desperation.
But the pure soul, in suffering finds,
A stronger light, a lifeline.

Joshua’s accuser, before the LORD,
He fiery words, but divine grace prevails.
Mercy descends, accusation dissolves,
In forgiveness, a new beginning, a newfound blessing.

Tempter in the desert, with empty promises,
Jesus resists, the Word defends him.
Three times evil challenges, three times it is denied,
The Truth triumphs, the darkness retreats.

Fallen from the sky, like sudden lightning,
His rebellion, an endless lament.
Lost light, broken pride,
A fallen angel, in eternal despair.

Inspirer of betrayal, corrupt hearts,
Ananias falls, the truth obscured.
But the light penetrates, the sin revealed,
Divine justice, a severe warning.

Angel of light, but disguised in deception,
He seduces hearts, with false promises adorned.
But whoever sees beyond discovers the lie,
And on the arduous journey, faith is strengthened.

Roaring adversary, seeks to devour,
But the brave resist, they are not fooled.
Vigilance and prayer, the weapons in fighting,
Against the darkness, a bulwark of hope.

The Great Dragon, in the Apocalypse revealed,
Ancient serpent, fate sealed.
Bound for a thousand years, his reign ends,
The light wins, the darkness disappears.

So through eternity, his path winds,
A bringer of darkness, immersed in infinite sadness.
But in every heart that endures, in every faith that persists,
A star lights up, a promise of dawn, in a redeemed world.