The Return of the Lost Son

In the depths of an unforgiving age, the wandering son confided to his parent, “Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you; I am no longer worthy to be called your son.” Such is the essence of the ancient Holy Book, my infallible North Star, a cry of redemption that defies the infinite. (ref. Luke 15:21)

You, beings of the high celestial spheres, have had the courage to oppose the Immensity!
With audacity, you have violated the Sacred, murdering the Son, the divine essence of God, thus unleashing a storm, a scourge that stains your sublime angelic nature with infamy!

You have brought devastation among men, perpetrating a massacre that stretches across millennia unabated!
But you inflicted the most atrocious wound, the mortal one, on your very essence, a crime of incalculable magnitude!
Yet, in the darkness of such faults, our Father, symbol of infinite mercy, decrees a glorious welcome for his rediscovered son. “Hasten, bring him the noblest robe, clothe him, seal his return with a ring, put on royal shoes; it is time for celebration, the fattest lamb will be offered, for we must rejoice. This son, my direct descendant, marked by death , now he rises in life; lost in the world, now he is found in the warmth of our hearth.” (ref. Luke 15:22-24)

With these words, our Father changes pain into exultation, loss into discovery. It’s written! Yes, clearly proclaimed and does not lie!
Listen now, my brother. This parable elevates the words to a divine song of power, which resonates in the cavities of your spirit, a warning to never give up, to believe in the power of heavenly redemption and ineffable paternal love. It shows that no matter how far you may have wandered, there is always a path back.

I have been given the supreme privilege of extending to you, at the behest of the Creator God, the invitation to a transformative journey towards the vibrant core of existence, where every end is a prelude to a new beginning. Immerse yourself now in this moment, love your Father, your neighbor, and yourself with all your heart, letting the extraordinary strength of love transfigure you. It’s time to awaken your soul to its original greatness. May this humble message, entrusted to me as the least of your earthly brothers, inspire you to free yourself from chains, to forgive and obtain forgiveness, and to fervently pursue this glimmer of light.
Together, children of the Most High, let us advance united: the time has come to shine with splendor!