Prince of the Matrix,
you come towards me with all your host of devils, demons and unclean spirits inebriated with a boundless spirit of pride and unlimited self-exaltation.

But I do not shrink from your perverse rage and your deepest hatred. On the contrary, I advance and come towards you in the name of the Creator God, the LORD of armies, the architect of the entire universe, and my Father, whom you continue to insult with your destructive and vulgar existence and your infamous and putrid blasphemies.
Today my Father will give you into my hands and I will strike you down; I will cut off your head, which I will give this very day, together with all the corpses of your demonic army, to the birds of the air and the beasts of the earth.
In this way, and only in this clear and final way, will all creatures recognise that there is only one Creator in all the universe and all creation will recognise that my Father has no need of great and arrogant armies or infernal weapons to save His humble but brave children who did not bend their knees before you, the unclean prince.
The outcome of the battle depends on the Almighty and is already written in the Holy Scriptures: the Creator God has given you into my hands.
Yea, the last of the servants of the LORD shall behead thee, O prince of darkness.
(see 1 Samuel 17:45-47).