The first has become the last.
The blessing has turned into a curse.

Wisdom and fear of the Lord are a distant mirage.
Beauty has withered, faded, completely vanished. Nothing recalls the old splendour.
The voice that was once loud, heard and followed has become hoarse, feeble and tremulous.
The force once wielded uncontested now no longer responds to orders.
The acclaimed is now blamed, and the judge considered infallible finds himself condemned.
The undisputed decision-maker is incredibly challenged by his nearest and dearest.
The enlightened one is denigrated, disapproved of, vituperated.
The charismatic leader is unrecognisable. His most devoted repudiate him and are ashamed of him.
The followers who once worshipped him, now push him, pull his hair, spit on him.
Thought is derailed, lost, and disoriented.
Vitality becomes putrid.
The light… what light?