The word “cool” was the tenth most popular word searched for meaning on Google in 2011. It is a colloquial term indicating something (or someone) that is trendy, stylish or “in vogue”.

Although the word literally means “cold” and “detached”, in slang it also means “right”. With this meaning the word has become part of the “street language” in many countries, therefore it has also been included in the language of Christian Style.

Although the language used today by almost all religious leaders is particularly sophisticated and mostly misunderstood by the masses (exactly like the leaders in Jesus’ time), the language chosen and used by Jesus was just the opposite: simple street language for the humblest and ignorant. The language of Jesus was cool two thousand years ago, and it also wants to be today.

Although today’s religious messages you often hear in churches are archaic and boring, the message of Jesus was cool, passionate and captivating. He could change the lives of His listeners with His word.

Although the places we see today representing God’s house are often pompous, lavish and impressive, the church of Jesus was humble and migrant, in places like roads, hills and houses where He brought emotional and spiritual warmth. Really cool!

Jesus is actually much cooler than it is depicted by the Matrixian theology, which is deeply infiltrated by a rebellious spirit of the most contemptuous anti-cool being in the universe: the prince of the Matrix.

Jesus is cool! What a slap in the face for the sophisticated teachers of the law and the prophets in the proud hierarchy of the church!